Since its inception in 1946, Barlinek S.A. has grown to become one of the three largest flooring manufacturers in Europe. The company is well known for its extraordinary quality and extensive line of engineered flooring, offered in a wide variety of traditional and exotic hardwoods.The popularity of Barlinek flooring is not only because of its beauty and durability, but because of its special installation with the no-glue “Barclick” method. Additionally, all Barlinek products are hypoallergenic and backed by a 25-year warranty.

The multi-layer Barlinek floorboard with the glue-free barclick system owes its top quality to the continuously monitored advanced technology applied in the production processes as well as the highly qualified staff.

The perfect usage and durability parameters, the appropriate thickness, the number of varnish layers as well the resistance all determine the uniqueness of the multi-layer flooring from Barlinek. The elimination of glue significantly shortens the assembling time.The stability and firmness of the junction of individual floorboards are guaranteed by the original idea of Barlinek’s specialists. It withstands the strongest stresses among individual elements of flooring at the same time being easy to disassemble, if there is such a need. It is therefore an optimal solution.The Barlinek floorboard-the highest quality flooring made of natural wood, not subjected to any modifications, combines the qualities of natural wood with easy assembling and renovation of floating flooring.
Barlinek’s floorboard consists of three layers of natural wood, permanently, connected by means of the ecological adhesive-bonded joint. The decorative layer of the product is sanded down and covered with varnish layers (acryl putty, acryl priming paint, ecological acryl varnish hardened with UV rays) seven times. It is recommended to assemble the floorboard in one of the following systems:
- the so-called “floating flooring” without adhering the floorboards to the ground but joining individual elements into a uniform floor surface.
- Adhering the floor to the ground in permanent way, like classic hardwood

From the inside...

1. Two coats of a top acrylic lacquer, hardened with UV rays
2. Three coats of a prime acrylic lacquer, hardened with UV rays UV
3. Acrylic grout hardened with UV rays
4. Sealing coat hardened with UV rays
5. Facing coat 3.5 mm thick (9/64"): beech, oak, great maple, ash, pine, birch, exotic timber
6. Middle cross layer 8 mm (5/16"): wood of coniferous trees
7. Lower layer 3.5 mm (9/64"): wood of coniferous trees

Barlinek floorboard is produced in the following ranges:
  • PREMIUM - the widest available single strip floorboard without division of the front into clear rows of planks: oak, beech, ash.
  • SPECIAL - two strip floorboard arranged 2/3 and 1/3 in appearance resembling solid flooring: oak, beech, ash.
    two strip - with two rows of planks: oak, beech, ash.
    three strip - the most popular with three rows of planks within the board's width, available in all tree types in the offer.
one strip floorboard
two strip floorboard
two strip floorboard
three strip floorboard
Classification of the Barlinek floorboard with regard to the type of the surface layer:
  • EXCLUSIVE - the floorboards are characterised by a natural, fairly unified colour and a simple ring layout.
  • SELECT - floorboards of a natural, fairly unified colour and a random wood marking on the surface layer, with possible slight discolouring and healthy pinknots.
  • FAMILY- the surface layer is characterised by varied colouring, random wood marking, with the possibility of occurrence of boils, tanning stains, false heartwood and healthy knots.
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oak red oak beech ash exotic other
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