What is the most common finish used for hardwood floors ?

Polyurethane is the most common finish used for hardwood floors. The urethane is available at many stores and can be applied by spraying or rolling it on. It is also available in several gloss levels to give you the look you want. Polyurethane is durable finish and requires low maintenance. Many pre finished hardwood floors also have oxide added to the polyurethane for an additional protection against wear.

Why I am getting color changes or fading colors ?

Visual changes in the color of the wood species caused by exposure to light, deprivation of light and air, or some chemical reaction. The change is very common among all hardwood floors. Maple, oak and other floor will have the same change due to lighting. This color change is common to wood types of products and any other products that are exposed to light for long periods of time. While we don’t typically notice it happening until we move something, it is still consistent and will always happen.

How will a hardwood floor hold up with pets ?

This depends on how tame or active your pets are. The simple reality is that any floor can be adversely affected by a pet, through either scratches or stains from urine. Hardwood is more susceptible to scratches, so a larger pet with claws will have impact. Even tile, though nearly impervious to scratches, is vulnerable to staining because of grout line and having a potentially porous surface. As with any floor, to prevent stains from urine or other accidents, it is utmost importance to spot clean
immediately at the site of the accident to maintain the floor through vigilant care the rest of the time. If you are providing good maintenance on the floor, it will retain its beauty for a longer period.

What is required flooring maintenance ?

Removal of debris and dust – This is the number one cause of wear and tear on a floor. When dirt is ground into the floor from common household traffic it causes scratches since the abrasion actually acts like sandpaper on the flooring. All types of floors therefore must be swept as often as possible. A dry swifter or similar product is very helpful at removing this type of dust and debris. Sanitization cleaning – the steps required to wash the floor and provide the clean sanitized surface are things that are very specific to each floor. One key to remember is that wood base floors like hardwood, laminate and engineering are prone to moisture damage and over cleaning can cause problems with the floor.

What is the best way to clean a hardwood floor ?

1 Gallon of water 1cup of vinegar – dampen mop or towel with mixture to clean surface. No need to dry, but you can if you want to.

What does it mean to screen and re-coat a floor ?

In many cases, a customer does not want to have a company come in to sand and refinish their newer floor because of the cost, hassle and dust it creates. In many cases this does not have to happen. A simply screen and recoat procedure is all that is needed when the damage is not deep and most of the problem is just surface scratches. This procedure refreshes the appearance of the floor by sanding very lightly over the existing finish with a buffer. Screening with the buffer prepares the already finished floor to accept another coat of finish. Without the screening (buffing) process, any new finishes are very likely to peel off.

How do you refinish hardwood floors ?

Hardwood floors are refinished through a sand and refinish process. The floors must be sanded with a floor sanding machine to make the surface of the floor smooth again. Then a new wear layer must be applied to the floor to protect it from wear. Not all floors can be refinished, usually only solid hardwood floor can be considered for sanding and refinishing. Hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished as often as three four times in life time. The exact number depends upon the total thickness of the product.

Can I install flooring in basement ?

The basement is moist place. Make sure the flooring you choose is suitable for basement installation. The manufactures warranty will mention where it will or will not cover moisture damage. If you are not sure about your floor’s moisture level – you can take an extra precaution by using a moisture barrier.

What flooring materials available for damp basement ?

There are no indoor hardwood flooring materials available that can be installed in a damp area. If you have a room that has an excess amount of moisture, you will first need to solve the moisture problem before can be installed. However there is some laminate flooring and engineering flooring which could be used in moist areas .

How do I test my sub floor for moisture ?

A simple way to test a sub floor for moisture contents is to tape down a 1’ by 1’ Sheet of plastic to the sub floor and leave it for 24 hours. If, when removing the plastic, the sub floor looks darker or there are moisture droplets, additional testing is required before a new floor. Consult a professional.

What is pre finished hardwood flooring ?

Pre finished refers to when the finish is applied to the floor. A pre finished floor has finish applied at the mill where the floor is made. This allows a more consistent looking finish with less imperfections than a floor that has been installed and sanded and finished. This also means a pre finished floor can be installed and walk on much sooner than a sand finish floor and also with less mess and smell.

How do I install over concrete ?

Certain floors are made specifically for concrete sub floor installation. You may either glue down the flooring directly to sub floor or use floating floor installation. Just make sure the manufacturer of that flooring recommends the specific installation method use. Also plywood sub floor underlayment could be installed on concrete and then nail down a real hardwood floor to the plywood sub floor.

What are condominium flooring codes – requirements ?

Building codes will vary from building to building and project to project. Many of the standard underlayments provided with laminate and wood floating floors do not meet Condo Codes. A cork underlayment is option for most of these projects. Some times a plywood sub floor is needed to be installed with a real solid hardwood floor.

What is the best acoustic underlayment ?

Cork is one of the best acoustic underlayments in the market. Its natural properties deters noise and feedback often associated with floating floors.
( over 200 million air cells per cubic inch for sound reduction )

What is the difference between an engineering floor and solid hardwood floor ?

Solid products, available in planks, strips or parquet are manufactured from solid piece of wood. Engineered products, available in planks, strips or long strip, are manufactured of hardwood using a three or five cross directional laminated construction.
With a top layer of premium hardwood. This construction counteracts the natural tendency of wood to expand and contract with seasonal changes in temperature and humidity, making engineering products dimensionally stable.

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