Solid Hardwood Flooring Chicago, IL

While you might like the appearance of hardwood flooring in Chicago, before making the decision to put it in your home, consider how your lifestyle will distress the wood. Do you move a lot of heavy items around, and will this lead to plenty of dents or scratches? Getting a larger scope of what your floor will go through will help you make the best decision about your hardwood flooring installation in Chicago. 

Hardwood flooring is as versatile and durable as it is beautiful, but the species of the wood you choose will determine how well it will hold up with age. 

Engineered Wood Flooring Chicago, IL

Unlike solid hardwoods, engineered wood flooring can only have dents and scratches sanded out of them some of the time. It is a risky idea, as their top layer is very thin. This layer is highly susceptible to scratches and dings. It does, however, have its benefits. It is quite a bit more versatile over solid hardwoods and less likely to warp. It also tends to be less expensive. And, your engineered hardwood flooring in Chicago can be installed with a locking assembly design, or what is called a floating floor over a protective moisture barrier. 


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