Laminate flooring requires special care to maintain its maximum appeal to the fullest potential. Do you know how often to clean them? Unlike hardwood floors whose surfaces can be refinished, laminate floors require special attention when treating them to avoid costly replacements since the same method of cleaning is not used. Roberts Hardwood Flooring in Chicago, we recommend the following:

Consult the manufacturer’s instructions on how to handle your wood floor refinishing first, each brand may have specific cleaning instructions to be followed based on its material.
Eliminate traditional mopping since water can seep into the seams and cause damage. Instead, mop your laminate floors every two months to keep them fresh.
Polishes or wax should never be used on laminate floors since oil-based cleaning products can leave streaks and residue or can even lead to damage to the protective sealant of the floors. Sparingly use laminate cleanser and when utilized, directly apply it to a mop or microfiber cloth instead of on the floor directly.
Regular cleaning can involve making your own floor cleaner right at home. Simply mix a teaspoon of clear, unscented dish soap with a gallon of hot water.
To prevent dirt tracks inside your home, place welcome mats at entrances to give visitors an opportunity to wipe their shoes off.
Liquids can damage laminate and the best way to avoid stains is to wipe up spills immediately.  It’s crucial that spills be handled immediately and exposure to them be reduced to a minimum.
Scratches can be avoided by adding furniture pads under chairs and table legs, especially if the furniture is frequently moved around. Pet nails should also remain trimmed to avoid cat or dog nails from scratching up the laminate floor.

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