Safeguard your wood flooring from winter conditions

In Chicago, it is impossible to avoid the harsh winter weather conditions. Residents of this climate know of the plight to keep water, dirt, and debris from being brought inside. Hardwood flooring is vulnerable to damage by the salt and grit used on streets and sidewalks during freezing conditions. In order to minimize damage to your hardwood floor, Roberts Hardwood Flooring Chicago suggests the following steps:

Use doormats at each entrance to the home, and encourage all residents and guests to use them. The mats capture unwanted grime that would otherwise be brought inside.

Christmas time is one of gathering, therefore you are likely to have more traffic in your home than usual with visiting friends and family. Encourage guests to remove their outdoor footwear before entering your house. This is the easiest way to prevent the unwanted water and grit from being brought inside. Preventing the intrusion of these substances will stop scratches and scuffs, and also stop dents from damaging your hardwood flooring.

Prevent hardwood floor damage from Christmas trees

Nothing brings the spirit of Christmas into your home like a real Christmas tree. The following simple steps will protect the tree and your hardwood flooring Chicago alike. Keep the tree in a pot and regularly water it, with a protective covering beneath the pot to keep leaked or spilled water off of your hardwood flooring. Your tree will eventually begin to lose some needles, so ensure to keep up with sweeping or vacuuming around the tree on a regular basis. This will prevent anyone from walking on the fallen needles and dragging them across your hardwood flooring. For those using an artificial tree, protection under the metal or plastic stand is still necessary to prevent scratches to your hardwood flooring.

If you do sustain any damage to your floors this winter, contact us at Roberts Hardwood Flooring Chicago.

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