You can trust hardwood flooring in Chicago to last a lifetime and provide your home with great aesthetics. This can be achieved with Roberts Hardwood Flooring! Here are telltale signs when your flooring needs extra attention:

When you spot a large number of scratches on your hardwood flooring, this is a good sign to get some hardwood floor refinishing in Chicago. Doing so should keep your flooring durable, strong, and scratch-free.

Another clear sign that your floorboards need wood floor refinishing is once it turns gray, especially when it is not how it really looks. Floorboards turn gray at the absence of polyurethane, leading to higher chances of water absorption. When this happens, contact your flooring contractors in Chicago immediately.

Blackboards are another sign to look for. It can be hard to remedy it once your hardwood flooring has turned black. The best thing to do is to replace the affected boards with fresh new ones with quality hardwood floor installation in Chicago. In cases of water damage, there is a tendency for the floorboards to separate, which can lead to cupping. You can easily take care of this with some dedicated sanding.

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